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 Welcome to Coach Pam Fitness 

My goal is to help you find the power within yourself to be YOU, to live out loud and love yourself, to learn about that person that you were always supposed to be– and let me tell you, from experience… that person is a BAD ASS! I will encourage and motivate you to give yourself permission to take the time for yourself– to teach you how to gain control of your health, gain that confidence back and find the rest of you– the part that is more than wife, and mother. That it is Ok as a busy mom, to take a half hour or hour every day to work on YOU. It is OK to be MORE!! It is ok to be empowered to discover YOU!

Coach Pam




What People Are Saying About Coach Pam…

"Guess who went shopping and got 1 size smaller pants!!! gringrimacingsmileygrinning MMMMEEEEEE"

Meredith G

"It's been a month and half since I started eating on par with the 21 day fix and drinking shakeology!! I am now down 15 pounds since I have started Shakeology!"

Selena J