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Welcome to Coach Pam Fitness


My name is Pam Hohlbein and I am here to help you gain your confidence back so you can empower your YOU- the you that you always wanted to be, but thought you couldn’t be!

I am a full time, stay at home mom, (I recently retired myself from my preschool gig!!) a swim mom, a soccer mom, a LAX mom, a JROTC mom and a wife of 19 years! In other words, I know what it is like to be an UBER crazy busy life!! My goal, my PASSION is to help people learn to have a healthy relationship with the scale AND with food.

I have been on both spectrums of eating disorders- the starvation of anorexia and the binging and purging of bulimia.  When I realized that my relationship with food was affecting my teenage boys relationship with food, I knew I had to do something. I became a certified nutrition coach and my passion is helping others heal their relationship with food and learn to love themselves.