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What is the Difference Between Ice Cream, Sorbet and Sherbet

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between all of summer’s scoopable , frozen treats? Well, here is the……. scoop!


Sorbet is a  dairy free frozen treat that is often used as a palate cleanser. It is most often made from fruit, but can contain veggie puree, juice, wine or green tea. And, all the recipes I found contained sugar or sugar based simple syrups.  And because it contains no dairy and little to no fat, it is gluten and dairy free.

Bonus: it’s incredibly easy to make at home. Try this no churn Mixed Berry Sorbet



Whenever I hear or think “Sherbet… I always question whether it is SHER BERT OR SHER BET.” And of course I always say it in Ernie’s voice…you know, from Seasame Street.. “Sure BERT…” BUT it is pronounces sherBET. It is one of the most misprounced words LOL.

Sherbet contain less dairy  than ice cream, but it still has a creamy texture. It is like sorbet’s creamy cousin.   Fruit, Milk, egg whites, or even gelatin are added to sorbet to give give Sherbet its creamy, but light texture. By law, it must have less than 2% milk fat.



Ice Cream

Often starts out as an egg-based custard. It’s the creamiest of all frozen desserts, containing at least 10% milk fat by law in the U.S.

It must also get churned during freezing. (subscribe to my blog to get notified when we experiment with making home made ice cream with out an ice cream maker!  It is a very fun activity that your kiddos will love!

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