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Slow Cooker Lemon-Garlic Chicken, Diabetic friendly

I love my crock pot- Even in the summer. We are always on the go and summer is no exception. This is super yummy and good for you! Serve it with brown rice or Quinoa ( my new fave!)
I am not 100% sure which diabetic cookbook/magazine I got this from, but I like to make things that are friendly to insulin due to our family history!
Let me know what you think! and feel free to share away! It is super easy, just click one of the links below!
Slow Cooker Lemon-Garlic Chicken, Diabetic friendly

1/2 tsp
dried oregano
1/4 tsp
seasoned salt
1 lb
skinless and boneless chicken breast halves
1 Tbsp
canola oil
2 Tbsp
2 Tbsp
freshly squeezed lemon juice or to taste
1 clove
garlic,peeled and minced
1 Tbsp
defatted and reduced salt chicken stock
2 tsp
minced fresh parsley
Directions :
1In a small bowl,combine dried oregano,seasoned salt and black pepper.

Mix well and rub chicken breasts with oregano mixture.
2.Add canola oil to a large, nonstick skillet and start heating over medium heat.

When hot, add chicken pieces and brown on both sides (about 3 minutes per side).
3.Place chicken pieces in slow cooker and add water, lemon juice, garlic, and chicken stock to the skillet, and bring the mixture to a gentle boil.

Pour the lemon juice mixture over the chicken in the slow cooker and cover with lid.
4.Cook on low-heat setting for 4-5 hours.

Add parsley and baste chicken.
5.Cover slow cooker and cook on high-heat setting for a further 15-30 minutes if needed, if chicken breasts are tender your finished.


Slow Cooker Lemon-Garlic Chicken, Diabetic friendly

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