The reason I show you these videos is because we, as Moms, (and Dads) sometimes let life get in the way of our own wellbeing. If we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we take care of those we love?

What were to happen if we stopped feeling guilty for taking time to take care of ourselves and fill our cup with health and well-being? That question is the true intent of the video. I’d like you to join me as I re-ignite my health  and fitness goals with Shakeology and The Master’s Hammer and Chisel in order to  get ready for the Beachbody Classic Competition. For those not ready for that program, I’d like to offer the 21 Day Fix  program.

Why Shakeology and these programs?

The main reason is that I lost over 12 pounds and 11 inches using the portion control program in the 21 Day Fix. The cool thing is that The Master’s Hammer and Chisel and the 21 Day Fix both use this same portion control food plan. The portion-control plan that is with these programs is truly foundational  and life-altering. These portion control plan is responsible for me truly getting a great start on changing my family legacy.

But I truly believe the The Master’s Hammer and Chisel will take me even farther and help me get CHISELED for the Beachbody Classic.  And since I love to  weight-lift, It makes me feel powerful and EMPOWERED, it will be the perfect workout for me!!  This program incorporates cardio into it’s weightlifting. It is designed to get you scuplted and chiseled!

To truly change your health, you must address nutrition, activity level and supplementation. And you certainly cannot out train your fork! Trust me, I have tried!

In all reality, what I can say will pale in comparison to the information in the videos below. Please check it out for more info on the program and Shakeology: