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What is Clean Eating?

“Why does she offer free clean eating groups every month? “. “What is clean eating anyway… I already wash my produce, how much cleaner can I get?”

Do you ask your your self those questions? I used to! LOL

My purpose for free 5 or 7 day free groups is to introduce you to a way of eating that our ancestors ate. The way our bodies know and understand how to process foods.  I strive to introduce you to a way of eating that uses food as FUEL to keep our bodies running like the finely oiled machine it is. I mean you don’t put cheap fuel in a Mercedes or a Ferrari right? You want it to run smoothly and last… That is what we need our bodies to do to. Run well and for a very long time. We cannot replace it…Our bodies are all we have for our whole life! We need to treat it with the respect we give our cars.

Clean eating means to eat whole foods. Wha?? Whole foods?? Yep. Veggies, fruits, unproccessed whole grains, and lean protiens.  Clean eating also means cutting back on refine, highly processed foods, pesticides, additives and preservatives. If you cannot pronounce an  ingredient, you shouldn’t be eaing it.  The processed foods that are so prevalent in our society lead to inflamation, leaky gut, depression, digestive issues, just to name a few.

It is taking learning what your food is made from. It is eating food in its most natural state. Clean eating is about more than just losing weight,  it is learning how to make food choices that will help optimize your life and keep your body healthy  for the long haul.

You might just need to tweak what you’re doing  a little OR, you may need to totally overhaul your whole way of eating. . In either case, here are 7 solid rules to keep in mind while you consider the change.

  1. Have the attitude that this is a LIFESTYLE

Ready to seriously get your health on?  Then stop using that 4 letter  D-word . Clean eating  is NOT is a fat-loss diet. It is a lifestyle change that you are going to embrace from this day forward!

Now, I am not saying to throw everything out that your love. I mean, you HAVE to have a cheat every now and then- Especially if you don’t want to fall off the wagon. What I AM saying is take the plunge and really learn how to cook and meal plan. If you don’t, you WILL revert back to your former bad habits and feel, low energy, grumpy, and irritable. Yuck.. who wants to feel like that? You cannot enjoy all that life has to offer like that!

2. Realize not all “health food” is healthy.

A treat is a treat, pure and simple. You dont buy candy because it is healthy. You buy it to indulge. Candy in and of itself is just that CANDY.  So you what you really should be thinking is… Is that energy bar, protien bar, ect a healthy bar, or is it a candy bar masquarading as a candy bar?  This is were reading labels comes into play….if it is..then put it away and just grab a candy bar.


So eat it….  AND by a rainbow, I mean eat veggies….veggies and more veggies and then Rainbow Veggie Skewersadd some fruit! Clean eating should be to include as much fresh produce in your daily diet as possible. Find out what produce is in season and then take pleasure in learning the best way to prepare them. Get your family involved. Let your kids pick a new veggie to try  and let them research ways to cook them. What a GREAT way to spend time together!

Produce provide the vitamins and nutrients  your body needs to feel and look good!  Not to mention- the fiber will help you…um… go….


While every store is a little different, for the most part, the outer edges of the grocery is the home of fresh produce, meats, and dairy and fresh baked breads. THIS is where you will be spending the majority of your grocery shopping time. Learn the layout!

You WILL have to sprint through SOME of the inner aisles for staples such as olive and coconut oils  and beans and lentils… BUT do NOT get distracted by shiny objects. THIS is where marketing is at it’s finest. luring you with flashy packaging…KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY…. they will hound you for products that caught their attention on TV. Very few of these inner aisle foods actually have any nutritional value and the ALL  have added sugar- and that brings us to


In all reality, healthy eating should never be about avoidance. It is about choosing foods in their natural state and learning to LOVE them  (trust me, you WILL love them!)

Ok- if you MUST  tell yourself you need to have avoid something then fine… Declare added sugar the absolute enemy.

Foods that are natural, like veggies and fruits do not have sugar added to them. They dont need it  YOU dont need it, you are sweet enough! Fruit can still be your friend, in moderation.  Sugar added to food during processing- just say no.

Seriously. That slogan applies to added sugar. Why? Because studies show that sugar is just as addicting AND affects our brains, the same way that herion and cocain are and do. It will be tough BUT those cravings will go away and then you will find that that candy bar just doesnt taste the same. You will find it way to sweet.


Water helps detox you, helps you lose weight, reduces hunger……. the list goes on and on. Just try to keep it clear. Drinking herbal teas or green tea can help you naturally cleanse, aside from many other benefits. Flavoring water with fruit and fresh herbs like mint and basil will help keep water tasting yummy with adding artificial flavorings.


7. Embrace indulgence.

Remember that indulging is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Obsessing about ingredients, reading about eating a “cleaner life,” and checking food labels constantly is not. Because really, what is life without a good  burger, a piece of cake, or French Fry once in awhile? Trust me when I say… if you restrict yourself from all cheats–  it will lead to a big ole binge, which you will feel terrible about….. then it becomes a viscious cycle.

Clean eating may feel a bit overwhelming at first, especially if you have a lot of changes to make. My advice is to take baby steps. Make little changes every day and don’t beat yourself up if you make mistakes. We all do. It should never be about  trying to be perfect- it is about progress.  Just realize that it’s what you do the majority of them time that counts.

If you need some help getting started, join my free clean eating group! And share this with a friend, we are stronger together!